With a Structure Sensor you're capable of scanning any object you desire. And, as you can see, it also works with human bodies. After you're done scanning you can download its mesh and do whatever you want.

Doom! It also captures textures for your mesh.

Endless Possibilities

There's lots of freedom with your generated mesh. Want to feature yourself as the protagonist in your game? Go ahead! Rig a skeleton to animate it and see your avatar come to life. You could even scan your family and friends to keep a database of memories. Show your future grandkids what you looked like 50 years ago. If there's ever a way of transferring your conciousness to your computer you could practically live on in cyberspace and keep your young body forever.

That last thing won't happen for a long time. For now, I'm happy with my mini me.

Mini me with a Shambler and Jorg from Quake and Quake II respectively.